Collection Facts

At Benjapakee Collection, we have a vast varieties of Thai Buddhist amulets and other Buddhist artifacts and not just Benjapakee.
Benjapakee are the stars in the shop.

Here are some facts as any interested novice should know.

Benjapakee in thai means: "A set of five"
So in the world of Thai Buddhist amulets, Benjapakee is the famous five or the top five amulets wanted by most collectors.
They are:
1. Phra Somdet Wat Rakhang
2. Phra Rod Wat Mahawan
3. Phra Nang Phya
4. Phra Phong Suphan
5. Phra Kamphang Soon Kor

For people who believe in buddhism, wearing a benjapakee are said to bless them in good luck, protection from evil and danger.

At the present time, we believe that we have the most complete sets of benjapakee in Singapore. We also have other interesting item like Phra Somdet Chittralada 2509 B.E which is very rare. It's the phra given from the Thai royalty to select few Thai subject that contributed to the Thai monarch.

To illustrate the unique qualities of our collection, we have other special phras like:

1. Phra Luang Phor Ngern Wat Bang Khlan
2. Phra Kring Wat Suthas
3. Phra Khunpan Wat Ban Klang
4. Phra Luang Phor Thuad Wat Chang Hai
5. Phra Wat Ngern Kiongtoey

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